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Name that Age - Intermediate by CassiopeiaArt Name that Age - Intermediate by CassiopeiaArt
NOTE: All images from these screenshots belongs to Cyan Worlds Inc and are not mine in any way. They are simply put together and displayed here for this puzzle solving game related to the MMOG of URU live. 

I love puzzles and I love making puzzles and having explored everything there is in URU for now I thought that more puzzles would have been awesome. So I decided to create some for fellow explorers that might be a bit bored and wanted to test their URU knowledge!

This is "Name that Age" puzzles which is a visual game. Your task is to correctly name in what age each screenshot is taken. All the ages are found in URU only, so if you haven't played URU or have just started, it might be hard to solve this. Bur for those who have found all ages that there is so far; this game is for you! Each puzzle can give you a maximum of 16 points.

Please DO NOT POST the ages names under this image (so not to spoil for those who want to have a go) but send them in a note to me :) I will send back the correct answers to you and for each correct answer i will donate 1 dA point to you!

Remember to write down which of the 3 puzzles you are guessing at, beginner, intermediate or advanced. Or you can have a go at all of them of course!

Hit download to see them in more detail :D

Good luck!

The other puzzles:
Name that Age - Beginner by CassiopeiaArtName that Age - Advanced by CassiopeiaArt
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October 26, 2011
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